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Animation and Motion Graphics

Elevate Your Brand Storytelling with Stunning Animation and Motion Graphics

Engaging your audiences begins with creative visual storytelling. At Mehboob Media, our animation and motion graphics teams bring ideas to life with skill, emotion and impact. Let us guide you through conceptualizing, producing and implementing high-quality animations that captivate viewers and convey your messaging creatively across digital media platforms.

Our Animation and Motion Graphics Services At a Glance:

  • 2D & 3D Animation Production
  • Motion Graphics Development
  • Character Modeling and Rigging
  • Creative Conceptualization and Storyboarding
  • Animated Logo Design and Reveals
  • Kinetic Typography Videos
  • Video Infographics
  • Product/Service Explainer Videos
  • Promotional / Brand Videos
  • Training Videos / Tutorial Animations
  • Interactive Animated Web Banners
  • Augmented Reality Effects and Filters

2D & 3D Animation Production:

Our seasoned animators breathe life into ideas through detailed 2D animation or immersive 3D worlds tailored to your creative requirements. We visualize concepts, model lifelike characters, build vivid environments and animate elegant sequences. From story ideation down to precision key framing, we handle the entire animation production pipeline in-house.

Motion Graphics Development:

Heavily focused on dynamic motion and visual effects, our motion graphics videos packs a punch across branding, promotions, advertising campaigns and more. Combining animated text elegantly with stock elements, illustrations, product visuals and logo reveals, we create sleek videos that demand attention. Our toolsets include the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite including After Effects. From artfully animated logomarks and labels to full-fledged kinetic typography videos, product explainer reels and event promos, we add movement where it counts.

Character Modeling and Rigging:

We specialized in crafting recognizable brand mascots, photo realistic human models as well as imaginative creatures tailored to your video story needs. Our character artists visualize and model in programs like ZBrush and Blender. We sculpt excellent anatomy, facial expressions and texture details. Rigging then prepares models for animation through bone systems enabling easy posing and movement. Personalities shine through expressive eyes and dynamically rigged mouths. Let us help develop memorable spokes characters to represent your brand in videos and AR filters.

Conceptualization and Story boarding:

Every animation begins with ideas transformed into comprehensive storyboards. Our creative teams brainstorm impactful messaging and visual directions. Scriptwriters then translate messages into succinct, engaging dialogue. Scene outlines and shot lists map out the entire animation before production. Vibrant storyboards depict each key scene in detail ensuring aligned understanding. Throughout the process our teams take your inputs to strengthen concepts and stories for maximum relevance.

Animated Logos, Titles and More We inject energy into brand visuals through logo animation and motion titles. Imaginative reveals, transforms and transitions give static graphic elements bold animated presence.

Kinetic Typography Videos:

Kinetic typography syncs typographic effects elegantly to audio tracks and voice overs. Flowing words, phrases, lyrics visually translate speech with color, motion and transitions – encapsulating messages creatively. Our expertise has delivered lyric videos, audio visualizers, marketing messages and brand stories amplified through kinetic text animations across social media.

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